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Issue 2 · Fall Meeting October 18,1998

Standing: Mike Yatsula, Simon Bell, Stan White, Bill Barker, Sam Schliffer, Bob Wilson, Laurie Gillespie, Josh Kaell

Kneeling: David Delouchery, Bruce Hodgson, Josephine Vina, Steve Horan

Our Fall gathering was held at Mike Yatsula's in Belleville, Ontario. As per usual we started informally with a greet&meet all while pouring over Mike's collection of cameras and other collected items displayed around the room. Things officially got underway by 2:30pm with a realist slide show put on by Mike. Views ranged from his hometown's local pier and pretty Fall & Winter scenic views to the Quinty Air Show where some of our more seasoned members were able to name the various planes on display. Two "through the window" views caught our attention. One featured Mike's brother holding a group of bricks over our toes and the other had us squirming as we looked down the barrel of a wild man's rifle. Bruce Hodgson brought it home with the comment "I don't know about you guys, but I love stereo!"

  Mike Yatsula works in the Corporate Video and Communications field. His interest in Stereo started in 1984 when he bought a Pentax splitter attachment. Mike later acquired a projector, then a Kodak stereo camera from a fleamarket and finally he moved intoRealist photography. A well rounded collector Mike has a bit of everything. Holograms and posters from 3D movies adorn his walls and various cameras, projectors, viewers and books were on display during our meeting.

After a short intermission Mike treated us to a few Super 8mm 3D shorts. The first film was the Stooges "Pardon my Backfire" followed by a condensed version of the classic "Creature from the Black Lagoon." Although both were highly entertaining from a historic and 3D novelty standpoint they both suffered in quality. Even enthusiasts can get headaches from poor 3D standards from time to time.

Bob Wilson who's interest is in research and historical stereography pointed out that on April 24,25/98 at the Roy Thompson Hall, a show called "Monsters of Grace" will be showing. Hailed as a 3D extravaganza it will feature Hollywood monsters from Universal Pictures.

Simon Bell shared three more of his 3D "Eye to Eye" children's books. As mentioned in the last issue of "Stereo Ontario" these books are available at most major bookstores as well as Price Club and Toys R Us. Simon is also involved in taking a 3D anaglyph on location at a archaeological dig in the Humber River for a poster promoting the "Discovery" exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Bill Baker a newcomer to our group said that he felt like he was "coming out of the closet" because he didn't know anyone else who was actively involved in 3D photography. He has been using his Revere camera steadily since 1963 after he had found it in a Montreal shop. Some of his scenic views were quite appealing. Maybe we might get a slide show sometime Bill?

Stan White (curator of the Canadian Stereo Museum at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario) currently, among many other activities, creates contemporary stereoview cards. He is looking for contributors for the "All Canadian Stereo Photographers" show which will be held at the PSA annual convention from August 30th to September 4th 1999 at the Delta Meadowvale Hotel in Toronto, Ontario. He will need a maximum of 6 Realist format slides and a short biography by May 30th/99. You can contact him at (519) 448-3514 or email: stanon@sympatico.ca Stan also mentioned that he has found a company that calculates the disparity between two images. You can locate them at axon.physik.uni-bremen.de/research/stereo .

Josh Kaell who currently shoots with a Realist is looking forward to owning a RBT camera soon. He showed us a cute birthday card which depicts a caricature of himself with some furry animal friends who are all wearing 3D glasses. It was a gift made by a illustrator friend. He handed out 2 different cardboard realist viewers from RBT. One of which he "...found to be absolutely useless" although they did seem to do the trick as a inexpensive giveaway viewer. He has also found a company that will take your paired images and create digital 3D print. Although he did not have much information, it is believed that the prints will be lenticular. RBT may have more information.

Steve Horan was also new to our group and said that he had never seen a projected 3D show before. He was quite excited to be involved. His current interests include collecting Viewmaster views.

Laurie Gillespie, a general collector, showed some antique viewers including a wooden glass view viewer called the "Lennie" optician from Edinburgh.

Sam Schlifer shoots Realist and Full Frame stereo images.

Josephine Vina has been involved with stereo photography for the past 4 years.

Bruce Hodgson who finds this 3D interest "magical" has been using the same Kodak Realist since 1954 and has amassed over 4000 views.

David Delouchery pointed out that the PC game "Douglas Adam's - Starship Titanic" has an anaglyph sequence at the end of the game where you must navigate a 3D star map. It comes with it's own Red/Blue set of glasses.

Finally the day came to an end with snacks in the kitchen and everyone taking in a few last minute conversations with fellow members.

Our Spring 1999 meeting will be held at 1pm on Sunday June 13th at Bob Wilson's in downtown Toronto. Show & Tell is recommended and there may be a chance to take field trip to the new IMAX 3D theatre for the film "Encounters in 3D".

Happy Viewing and may you always be blessed with Double Vision!

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