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Issue 19 · Spring Meeting, November 25, 2008

Our spring 2008 meeting was held at Bob Wilson’s home.

In Attendance: Bob & Lorraine Wilson, Stan White, Jani Hamalainen,  Madolyn & Don Tait, Matt Neima, Ron Miyanishi, Sam Schlifer, Josh Kaell,  Len Vine, Burke Brown, Steve Horan, Rob Cruickshank, Joseph Miller, David Delouchery, Ken Strass and Peter Sinclair.

Unfortunately, I misplaced most of my the notes of what happened at this meeting.  So here now is the less wordy newsletter but with bigger pictures.

Ron Miyanishi revealed a plastic stereo pinhole camera kit that he ordered from Japan.

Matt Neima has been quite busy working with a new digital 3D process that has had wildfire success with 3D enthusiasts.  He showed off his twin Canon digital cameras that were synced with a firmware upgrade called Stereo Data Maker.  The software has been written by various people around the world and is based on the “CHDK” Canon Hack Development Kit.  Users have unlocked the capabilities of many Canon point and shoot cameras and it is possible to sync 2 cameras for stereo photography without the need of expensive additional equipment or internal electronic adjustments.  All that is required is to download the new firmware onto the memory cards and a simple twin USB trigger.  There are tons of features available to enhance your photography like timelapse exposures, high dynamic range, long exposures and incredibly fast shutter speeds.  There are also many helpful tools for 3D imaging as well.  You can find all the info at www.stereo.jpn.org/eng/sdm/index

Steve Horan attended a holographic workshop and produced his own image.  He can been seen blowing bubbles towards the viewer on a large approximately 12” square piece of glass.  He invited us to the open house being held at 401 Richmond St. after the meeting.

Peter Sinclair had a variety of lenticular cards “hot off the presses”. Many of the images are from the Norman Rockwell collection as well as other adapted masterpiece paintings.  He was selling them for $5 each and $9 for the larger images.

Madolyn Tait showed off her viewmaster reel creations.  An inquiry was made as to whether new personal reel blanks are still being made.  Don passed around his 3D 35mm camera system.  They announced that Al Seig from Rochester N.Y. would be doing a 3D slide presentation called “An Evening in 3 Dimension” on September 4th at the Welland Camera Club.  They are looking for a larger silver screen to project on.   Sadly this was Madolyn’s last 3D club  meeting.  She passed away in March of 2009.

Bob Wilson had some great stereoviews he produced of a trip to the Punta Tombo Natural Protected area in Argentina which is South America’s largest breeding colony of Magellan Penguins.   It was quite startling to see how close he was able to get to these amazing birds and an especially great topic to experience in 3D.

Stan White had 4 anaglyphic cityscapes for sale.  He says that he no longer has the space to hang the wall posters.

Bob said the best was saved for last as Jani Hamalainen announced that he had a Digital 3D projection system set up on the second floor.  It included a computer, projector and shutter glasses displaying images at 1024x768 pixels with a 85 hertz refresh rate which his said still produced a bit of flicker but he still loves it anyway.  Most images were from Italy but some were from the UK.  A handful at a time squeezed into the room to view his images.

As per usual we ended the meeting with munchies and drinks supplied by Bob and Lorraine.  After the meeting quite a few members went down to see Steve Horan’s holographic image.  

My apologizes if I missed mentioning your contribution to show & tell.  I’ll make up for it next time.   - Dave