Issue 16 · Fall Meeting, November 26, 2006

The Fall 2006 3D meeting was held November 26th at The Soccer Centre on Martingrove in Vaughan. 

In attendance: Stan White, Les Jones, John LaRocque, Matt Tatham, Felix Russo, John Long, Don and Madolyn Tait, Josh Keall, Matt Neima, J. Mutch, Mike Yatsula, David Delouchery, Peter Sinclair, Pina Vinci, Sam Schliffer, Bob and Lorraine Wilson.  

Bob Wilson had suggested that we start a used item sale before each meeting and he meant business as he brought a large array of books and views to sell off.  It seems like other member took his suggestion seriously as well as various tables were scattered with items for sale before things got under way. 

Bob showed his music related 3D collection which including various album covers mostly printed with anaglyph images. The most recent album was “10,000 Days” by the rock band “Tool”. It features a flip out viewer with side by side 3D images of the album artwork. The separations were done by Ray Zone.

Stan passed around some of his infrared stereocards and showed off his digital 3D camera rig that has been converted to produce infrared images. 

Les had nothing to bring to the meeting so he went to the store and bought the book “Harold Lloyd's Hollywood Nudes in 3D!” He then wanted to bring something educational so he talked about revenue stamps that America issued in 1863 to help pay for the civil war. They were required to be issued on a variety of goods. Most were destroyed because they were designed to be torn when opening something like an envelope. The ones found on the backs of photographs and stereoviews survived and can now be used to accurately date images from that period.

John LaRocque promised to get back into using his realist but has been busy editing 2 films that he directed. One in Ottawa and the other in Mississauga. 

Matt Tatham passed around his “Bugs in 3D” book, which he quipped was just purchased from Bob Wilson before the meeting was started. 

Felix talked about his sony Digital LANC controlled 3D camera setup and the views that he had mounted from his Loreo camera. He credited Stan White with giving him mounting advice. He also showed some books that he converted into stereocard holders. He got the idea from the old Keystone libraries, which looked like hard cover books. Felix cut out the middle area of the pages, which left a space big enough to hold about 25 views. He went around to garage sales with a tape measure to find books that were at least 7” tall. 

John Long
talked about the 3D World Medium format camera that is made in China. He said that Sam Smith brought 5 into Canada and only has one left for sale. We marveled at how the Chinese, which have been known to copy the design’s from other countries and mass produce knock-offs has actually designed this camera from the ground up.

Don Tait
demonstrated his camera rig. Madolyn passed some View-Master personally mounted views around. They featured images from the 50’s of their niece. 

Matt Neima showed off the filter ring he made for his medium format camera. 

Mike Yatsula showed some of his camera rigs that he made on “work time”. He also talked about his experience doing presentations for a Napanee photo club on the history of 3D and photo techniques. He was amazed at their reaction to his stereo images.

Peter Sinclair talked about his lenticular mounting service. He passed around 2 civil war views that he converted to lenticular.  Pina talked about her experience about her trip to Antarctica and the challenge of taking 3D photo’s with the ship, subject and her all moving. She said that the crossing from Ushuaia, Argentina to the Antarctic took two days. The crew reported it to be a good crossing only 8 of the 108 passengers aboard showed up for lunch. She also brought some thank-you cards made by students who saw her Egypt presentation. 

A discussion then opened up about 2D to 3D conversions. The Olympus/Pentax Optio camera was discussed which can create anaglyphs from stereo pairs. We also discussed the 3D conversion of “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

So, all in all, another good meeting. Bob Wilson is hosting the next meeting on June 2nd, 2007. 

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