Issue 15 · Spring Meeting April 29, 2006

Due to technical reasons this issue is being published without photos.

Our Spring meeting was hosted by the Stan White at his new home in Brantford.  Things got underway with a retrospective stereo slide show.  Stan says he hasn’t photographed anything new since 1888 um correction 1988.  He started this project so that he could show his work in the stereo section of the Photographic Society of America and when some of it’s members have the Grand Canyon or the Teton’s in there backyard to photograph he wanted to create images as grandiose in southern Ontario.  He says that he did quite well with these images especially in the humour category.  To musical accompaniment the show featured some of his classic tabletop images like his Lilliputian people conquering mountains of cheese and defending it from monstrous mice.  When he was creating these images he could be seen carrying mannequin parts through the halls of his college.  Visual puns abound like the lemon car with a broken wheel. Stan also included some images of how he accomplished some of the images. He then followed with some stereo portraits taken with a fisheye lens and a 1/8” stereo base and some conventional landscapes.  Stan says that he will be showing his presentation again on May 17th at the PHSC meeting and that Wolfgang and Maryann Sell’s viewmaster presentation has been postponed to September.

Bob Wilson welcomed us and informed the group about to upcoming stereo events, the NSA Midwest in Ohio and the NSA convention in July in Miami.  

Felix Russo passed around a viewmaster which featured images from the series “The Strange Case of Dr. Addison and the Crosswell Twins”  by Christopher Schneberger.  The images tell the story of two twins one which has passed away whose ghostly image appears in photographs taken by a Dr. Addison of the surviving twin.  Felix discovered the set while at the NSA convention in Irving Texas last year.  Although the images are a complete work of fiction many people believed the story that was associated with them.  He says that he will produce another 3D issue of PhotoED magazine which will feature Christopher Schneberger’s views.  He invited club members to submit images for selection in the special Winter 2007 issue.

Stan White described how he adapted 2 Canon Rebel Digital SLR’s for infrared stereo.  He sent the camera’s to the states and paid 60% of their value to have the infrared filter blockers removed and infrared filters added. The camera is now quite sensitive to infrared and he shoots at 2000th/second at f8 with a ISO of 200.  All digital camera’s have them to help balance the colours of the final image.  He said that although there were instructions available on the web it put the fear of God in him.  The resulting jpeg images are a gloriously gross orange which he then colour corrects on his computer.  He feels that this set up would be good for portraits as it removes wrinkles.  He gave each of the members a sample stereocard.  Stan also mentioned that the Canadian Stereoscopic Reference Library may finally be housed at the Ontario Art Gallery.

John Long has sold more than $10,000 worth of his large stereo prints.  He announced a new show of his work opening the following week at the Leonardo Gallery on Avenue Road in Toronto.  He now uses his adapted Taxiphote viewer to allow the public to experience the 3D images.

Simon Bell is now publishing a free community newspaper in Guelph called SNAP.  It is mainly comprised of images of local people in the community.  It is a franchise and there are currently about 12 other editions published in other areas of Southern Ontario.  He passed around a copy of the kid’s magazine Nickelodeon which featured some of his 3D animal pictures.

Don Tait described how his camera slide bar and synchronizer works for stereo.

Robert Chow a visiting member of the SCSC (Stereo Club of Southern California) showed some of his phantograms.

Peter Sinclair handed out some flyers and samples of digital to film conversions into lenticular prints.    He also provides a 2D to 3D lenticular conversion service. $30 for a 4x6 and $50 for a 8x10.

Joe Miller is from the Mississauga Camera Club and is interested in getting into 3D.  He asked about software he had seen on the web that combines digital stills into a stereo pair.  He is looking for a way to present stereo to his club, which has 120 members.   His son Dan was also in attendance.  

Ed Kliewer showed off his beautiful hand built stereoscope.  He is a cabinetmaker and he wanted to pursue the challenge of making one.  It has a much wider intarsia laid hood, which allows for glasses to be worn while viewing images.  He has been taking stereo pictures for about 3 years.

Dave Delouchery showed a stereo wetplate glass negative that was produced for a documentary that he is producing on James Esson a Preston stereo photographer from the 1880’s.

Matt Neima informed us that it was pinhole photo day and shared some Polaroid images he shot that day.  He also found an optical device that uses convex mirrors to project a small object into a hologram like image. He brought some extras for sale to the interested members.

Pina talked about her Egyptian presentation and 3D exhibit that he puts on for her students.

Steve Horan is currently enrolled in a digital photography course and has set up a portrait and photography service.

J. Mutch talked about the Sputnik medium format camera and other cameras he is playing with to do medium format 3D.

So that wrapped up out meeting.  The next meeting will be on November 26, 2006 at The Soccer Centre at 7601Martin Grove Rd. just south of Steeles.  It was suggested that we pay $2 fee for use of their meeting room and start a buy and sell section.

I’m not sure where this link came from 


but by using a GIF animation file it wiggles a stereo pair and displays a pseudo 3D effect without the use of glasses.   Enjoy.