Issue 9 · Spring Meeting April 27, 2003

Steve Horan hosted our Spring 2003 gathering in Toronto. Following through on the promise he made one year before Steve had made much progress in building a digital 3D camera system to be used as a special photography vendor at large public events.

We organized ourselves for the formal part of our meeting. Stan White said that he was just puttering around at the moment. J Mutch said that he shoots 35mm slides for projection. Don & Madolyn Tait from Welland shoots side by side pairs and recently had a 3D slide show at the Brantford Camera Club. Matt Neima said that he is interested in John Long's medium format 3D. Mike Yatsula collects 35mm camera's from the 50's and has been interested in Virtual Reality systems for a long time. Pina Vinci loves everything about 3D and gets her elementary students involved as well. Bob Wilson collects early stereo items. David Delouchery collects it all and has recently become involved in creating stereocards and viewers for Civil War re-enactors. Felix Russo is the editor of Photo-Ed magazine and mentioned about the up coming special 3D winter issue. Jani Hamalainan takes 3D slides of his travels. Steve Horan welcomed us to his home and mentioned that he is into spreading the word about 3D. Josh Kaell has been inactive lately but just got his RBT camera finally fixed. Simon Bell said that he has been crawling around the ravines of Toronto filming wild flowers while they are in bloom. Also in attendance were John Long, John LaRocque, Matt Tatham, Sam Schlifer, Les Jones and Burke Brown.
Show & Tell
So one year after he first mentioned his plans Steve had much to show us as he unveiled his matched digital camera system. Using a Harbortronics Stereo Snap he has electronically synchronized the zoom and shutter of two digital cameras. When Simon asked if the zoom was controlled in perfect sync Steve's answer was a frustrated "NO!". At a baseball camp in Florida he took a picture of a famous player but one camera was zoomed to close and the other was zoomed too far and the images were not able to be merged. He takes the memory cards out to load the images on to his computer. He is able to save 128 pictures on each 128MB card. Using an automated 27 step process he assembles the 3D pairs in Photoshop with the click of one button. He says that he just wants to pay for his hobby. People love looking at 3D but getting them to pay for it is another story. He then handed out a sample image to each of us. His company "3D Pics" is focussed on taking spontaneous and instant pictures of the public at large events.

Bob Wilson informed us about the first NSA Midwest conference in Akron, Ohio (think of it as a mini NSA convention). He then updated us about the 2003 NSA convention in Charleston, South Carolina. Bob also said that "Ghosts of the Abyss" had recently been released in Imax theatres. He also said that there is a new Keystone museum in Meadville, Pennsylvania which displays various manufacturing equipment and cameras that were used for creating their views. You can even buy original views in mint condition that has been in storage for more that 80 years. For more information visit www.johnsonshawmuseum.org

Pina said that her latest views were still in her camera and therefore she didn't have anything to show.

David Delouchery had a couple of items that came his way as gifts. An anaglyph cover for a Fine Young Cannibals 1989 album "Don't Look Back". A french language book of anaglyphic images of the solar system. A 3D Valentine's card complete with Red/Blue glasses and some examples of his American Civil War stereoview cards from re-enactments.

Jani showed us his side by side camera mounting system that he uses. It can mount the cameras horizontally or vertically. He says that he synchronizes them with his very un-electronic fingers.

Felix mentioned that his 3D issue of PhotoEd magazine comes out in November of 2003. There will be a 2 page "How to" section which should inspire teachers and students to try 3D photography. He talked about the first "WOW" factor that he has seen kids express as they experience 3D for the first time. Pina mentioned that she showed a view to some bikers and their "WOW" term was actually "HOLY SH*T".

Les cracked a joke about SARS and later shared with a us a 1870's wet plate stereo camera made by Thorton-Pickard.

Josh spent $300 and six trips to the states before he finally got his RBT camera repaired at a unauthorized repair shop. Now that the focal length is fixed he says that the camera is 95% operational. Josh also mentioned that "Spykids 3D" was due in theatres this summer but no one knew what format it would be projected in.

Simon has been using a 5 megapixel Nikon S700 camera to take cha-cha images of wild flowers. He says that it takes excellent macro close-ups and can optically zoom to 280mm. He then passed around some anaglyph views from his "Cars of Cuba" slide show and some images he shot for Canadian Geographic.

John Long showed off his Rollei triple lens reflex Rolleidoscop medium format stereo camera from the 1930's. He also suggested that you could fix up a $100 used Sputnik from ebay. He uses a old Zeiss viewer to look at his views but he also suggested the medium format viewer from Rocky Mountain Memories. He shoots at f-25 at a 1/50 second with a tripod in order to achieve high depth of field. He and Stan White discussed their experiences uses these user un-friendly cameras. John also mentioned that there are 4 folios which share medium format images. The group then debated image differences between Stereo-Realist images and medium format.

John La Rocque had a portfolio of 2D aerial views that he and Matt Tatham shoot from kites with a 15' wingspan and 50' tail. He said that taking pictures in Labrador under gale force winds is not for the faint of heart. They now want to start photographing in stereo.

Stan quipped that he was "just here to criticize".

J Mutch says that rolling film through his Realist gets stiffer towards the end of the roll. Simon asked if he was rolling his own but I think he forgot that we were still talking about film. I not sure if a solution was found for J's problem.

Matt Neima said that director James Cameron has the backing to do a dramatic 3D feature. Matt also brought some medium format views which he shot with his sputnik.

Bob showed off a display stand of lenticular hockey cards which also included some animated lenticulars which were highlighted with a special automated tilting panel on the stand. Bob is going to need to move again to hold all these items that he has been finding.

Burke Brown talked about the new Vivitar3D point and shoot Vivitar camera and how the images are not transposed like the Loreo for parallel viewing. We then discussed the aspects of cross-eyed viewing.

The meeting was then wrapped up and we spent the rest of our visit socializing and looking at the various items that were brought for show & tell.

The next meeting will be November 2, 2003 in Welland with our hosts Don and Madolyn Tait.

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