Issue 7 · Spring Meeting May 23, 2002

Welcome back to another edition of Stereo Ontario. The Spring 2002 meeting was held at Mike Yatsula's place in Belleville, Ontario. In attendance were: Simon Bell, David Delouchery, Jani Hamalainen, Bruce Hodgson, Steve Horan, Les Jones, Josh Kaell, Sam Schlifer, Peter Sinclair, Pina Vinci, Bob Wilson and Mike Yatsula.

We started things off with the grand opening of Mike's "3D room" located on his second floor. 3D movie posters adorned the walls and various cameras and viewers were on display behind glass cases. His library of books, magazines and comics also filled the shelves and were available for browsing. In the next room he had a demonstration of a 3D interlaced computer image running on his computer. We then moved downstairs to get the formal meeting underway.

Mike Yastula started the "show-and-tell" with a 2 mirrored contraption on a wooden stand made in Covington, Kentucky. He believes it was used to merge two projected images onto a screen. The mirrors can be tilted and converged to orient the images. Sam thought it was a shaving mirror for a schizophrenic.

Peter Sinclair showed some "kineviews" which are lenticular stereoviews which include motion. Peter has a lenticular printing machine in Toronto which can accept Nimslo or other 3 lens images. He is also able to print your favorite 2 image 4"x5" 3D picture into a lenticular for $29 Canadian. ( Peter recently said in October that the price will be higher due to the fact that he has to outsource the images for negative printing) He handed out some examples of various 2 image conversions to each member. Multiple copies of the same image is $3 ea.

Simon Bell says that he was in Cuba in March photographing old cars for a 3D book but the publisher did not want to cover the expense of including glasses with the publication. They said that every dollar of cost to publishing the book would be a $8 increase in the final price. Simon suggested including side by side views at the back for those who could freeview but it remained undecided due to the fact that the publisher was currently up for sale. The book was even being advertised for sale at amazon.com even though it hadn't even been printed yet. You can view some of his images at www.simonbellphotography.com there are about 24 anaglyph images there. Simon also says that some of his previous 3D children's books are available at www.amazon.com

Steve Horan has been experimenting with digital 3D photos. He has picked the brains of many of our members for info on syncing two digital cameras. Mike suggested that he could sync them electronically with the use of schematics. Steve says that he would like to be a "3D evangelist" spreading the word to the unconverted by offering a quick on-the-spot 3D photo opportunity for the public. He discussed the pros and cons of using a splitter with the digital camera. As a group we discussed the possibilities of presentation which included having people pose with props eg. baseball bats etc. or insert their head into a 3D environment already produced in 3D on a computer ready for printing. First and foremost though he wants it organized and easy to produce on the spot for the customer. He said that he would like to continue brainstorming ideas over "a few beers".

Dave Delouchery showed a pile of different lenticulars produced by "Photogram Industries" which included a bunch of examples from their various jobs which included; Swiss Army Knife, Wonderbra and Disney's Tarzan. Some images featured depth others were more focussed on motion effects like a dog morphing into a cat and a boy falling towards the camera. They were given to Dave by a friend who came out to his 3D openhouse after our last club meeting. The next item he shared was a chroma depth Easter egg colouring kit which includes a pair of glasses. The final item was a recently published 3D Pin-up Photo book of 1950's models which is introduced by former pinup girl, Bunny Yeagar. Published by St. Martin's Press it includes a built-in plastic viewer and can be found at chapters.ca

Les Jones started by saying that "if this was a TV show I think we would be due for a commercial break." He then promoted his Bookstore and Cafe in Canden East which he says has 3D cameras, views, books, magazines, viewmasters etc. for sale. He showed one item for sale "The Stereoscopic Atlas of the Head & Neck" produced by Keystone for Doctors and Dentists. He almost brought one on skin diseases but thought it was too gross to show.

Sam Schlifer mentioned that a Japanese photographer he met at the Convention in Buffalo matched 2 digital cameras.

Josh Kaell gave us a update of his unfixed RBT camera. He then mentioned that the 3D IMAX film "Spacestation" is showing at the Collosus and it's wonderful.

Pina Vinci said that she has been too busy teaching to pursue her 3D interests but keeps her students interested by setting up special displays. She recently took 3D photos of her students playing soccer but hasn't developed them yet. Les said that he took 3D photos at the World Cup. It was then mentioned that IMAX also shot 3D footage at the World Cup but it has yet to be released.

Bruce Hodgson said that he hasn't been very active in his 3D interests as well. He bought slide trays in Buffalo and they are still empty. He is thankful for the meetings twice a year or he wouldn't be involved in 3D at all. He then mentioned that he met Bob Wilson 20 years ago at a Photographic Historical Society booth. Bob introduced him to "freeviewing" and StereoWorld magazine. Then he met Martin Bass (our former club organizer) and suggested that an Ontario group be formed and we have been going ever since. Bruce also acknowledged Monica McIntyre who passed away earlier this year and used to attend our meetings with her husband Tim. Bruce invited everyone to his house in 2004 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of when he bought his Kodak stereo camera which he still uses to this day. A comment was heard from the crowd that they have been seeing in "stereo" for 55 years

Bob Wilson commented that he popped in to see an antique dealer that he knew who showed him a box of camera parts etc. which turned out to be a box style 2D/3D camera with bellows. The amazing find which he paid $350 for was manufactured between 1900-1907 by the Century Camera Company which was eventually bought by Kodak. The lens mount is interchangeable with a either a pair of lenses for stereo or a single lens for mono photography. To his delight the crowd gasped as he pulled the camera out to show them.

The Fall meeting will be held November 3rd in London with our hosts Matt Neima and J Mutch. Steve also offered to host a meeting but looks like he will wait until Spring which gives him more time to package his concept together. Simon mentioned in closing that he had some of his slide projection system for sale which includes 3 Kodak projectors and a dissolve unit.

We then adjourned for snacks and a walk down to the marina for some 3D photo opportunities.

Thanks to Mike for an excellent meeting.

See you in November.

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