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The Ontario Chapter of the National Stereoscopic Association meets twice a year to share their enthusiam for 3D stereoscopic imaging. We formed our club in 1990 and operate as an informal gathering of local NSA members sharing our interest in all things related to 3D photography.

We love the realism that you experience when looking at a stereoscopic image. Whether it's marvelling at the depth of a detailed photo or gasping as objects pop out at you, 3D can entertain for hours.

For most, our earliest experiences began when we looked through a Viewmaster for the first time, for others it was taking our first photo with a stereo 2 lens camera from the 1950's.

Whether it's 3D comics, 3D movies, or antique stereocards we continue to enjoy the images that immerse us in the moment.

Please visit the newsletters link for information on our previous meetings.

Our next scheduled meeting is:

 Spring 2012

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